In the coming years I plan to release several books that show that our primal drives spring from the constituent elements in our bodies.  

Curious Beyond Belief and Being Becoming and Bestowing reveal the discovery of the influence of the elements making up our bodies and the interplay between the spiritual or energy world and our tangible physical world. They show how everything in the spiritual and material world is related, from the tiniest particle right up to the cultural values we live by. They go on to establish the true astrology within ourselves, allowing the blueprint contained in our constituent elements to be our guide to vitality, happiness and success. In a sentence they illuminate the path to the Holistic you. At last we can attain the Divine Proportion by bringing the physical body and spiritual mind together to attain joy, peace and contentment.

Also adding to these insights, the central element in our bodies – Carbon, recognised as the atom of life – will have its own set of books. called Carbon -The Randy Atom and CarbonThe Personality Whisperer. The Randy Atom will highlight the wellspring role of carbon in shaping our motivations, driving our sexuality and forging our emotions. The Personality Whisperer will reveal Carbon’s influence on our personality.